About me

Vaheguru Jee Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Jee Kee Fateh
(The pure ones belong to the divine, all victories belong to the divine)

I am Navrup Kaur. First and foremost, I am a practicing Sikh. My faith is very important to me. It defines me as a person, as I long to uphold the tenants of my faith and embrace the virtues my forefathers have set as an examples.

The Sikh faith is a way of life. It is the air we breath and not one breath should be wasted without remembering the divine within and aronnd us. To learn more about the faith, please check out this video by SHARE Charity UK (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xObW5ME5AA0).

I became a mother in 2009 to a daughter. At the time, our town did not have any practicing Sikhs and our daughter was the only girl to wear a dastaar (turban). The town did not have any youth resources or activities so I decided to create them for her. We did camps at home, role plays, treasure hunts and lot more with her. We welcomed our second daughter in 2014. Later our sons came along in 2018 and March 2020 (just before Covid-19 lockdown).

Being the passionate and vocal person I am, I have been sharing my resources and experiences via my facebook and Instagram platforms. My aim is to support sikhmums and mums in general to raise spiritual children who feel excited about their faith and connecting to God.

Being a qualified Doula, I also have very strong opinions on birth, pregnancy and breastfeeding which I share with sikhmums daily. I promote positive dialogue by speaking one to one with mums on the power within to have natural births, that can be positive and spiritual… and yes, PAIN-FREE! If you are looking to have some support in your pregnancy, please do email me for a free consultation info@sikhmum.com

Following the success of the Sikhdad’s whats app group (created by my husband), I created the Sikhmum whats app group which has over 180 sikhmums at all difference stages of their own spiritual journeys. The role of this group is to bring together sikhmums who long to teach spiritual practice to their offspring and also talk about sikh parenting issues or ask questions.

Seek Parenting is a podcast my husband and I start in 2018. It is about our personal journey, of faith, family and everything inbetween. Available on all podcast platforms.

I work fulltime in clinical trials and love my job. I am also a pubic speaker working with various charities, womens groups, gurdwaray, TV and Radio.

I am also a Trustee of the UK based Charity SHARE (Sikh History and Religious Education) www.sharecharityuk.com
, where you can access many high level resources on the sikh faith.
"Thanks fo your channel I really appreciate you speaking truthfully about raising sikh children and some of the difficulties you face thanks again love you bhenee and may Guru Maharaj bless you and your family."
Jaswant Kaur
Instagram User
“Thanks you so much for recording your podcast! Was great to listen to a couple being open and honest about their relatonship in regards to the highs and also their struggles! Really looking forward to the next one!"
Instagram User

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