Gurpreet Singh and I have always taken the children out of school for Bandi Shhor, Gurpurab and Vaisakhi for the last ten years. We must send our children the message that says, ‘for this day, everything stops!


The day is planned like most plan Christmas. Going to the Gurdwara, doing seva in the Gurdwara and outside, cooking, kirtan, gifts, games, quizzes and talking about the importance of Sikhi and the day itself. 

You are authorised to have three days absence under religious observance, but this can vary from borough to borough. Warning to a school is always suitable, especially if you have never done this before and want to start. But always confirm with a letter or email. 


I have attached the letter I use for my children and welcome you to download and amend it accordingly – click the image above to download.


Happy Sikhi Day! 

(whichever you are celebrating) 

Dearest parents. I appreciate you being here and commend you on being proactive and getting into your child(ren)’s school to teach about the beauty of the Sikh faith and the identity that has been given to us. 

This presentation is adaptable from Reception to year 2. I have written notes in the PowerPoint, which you can print and help you work through the presentation. I always take Sikhi artefacts, like a kirpan, keski, kara, khanda etc, as a bit of a display. 

The key is that at the end of EVERY year (if not term), we are arranging to go into schools and a presentation. This way, the action from us is proactive and not reactive when an incident occurs.

In addition to this, we need to be active parents with our children’s schooling. Taking space as parent governors, PTA, fairs and supporting the school in any way we can. Our visibility must be a part of the school community.

If you have any questions, please reach out –

If this is your first time doing a presentation, don’t worry, Guru Sahib Jee is with you. They are guiding you!

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